Do You Need Professional Entertainment For Your Event Without Having To Worry If It'll Run Smoothly?

 "He was the best ever! Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ/MC!"  - Chelsea S. 

Sound Impressions Voted 2018 & 2019 Winner of The Knot Best of Weddings Award!

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Hey!  It's Dominic from Sound Impressions,

So you have landed here because you are looking for some type of entertainment..... am I right?

You could be having a corporate party, wedding, birthday, or any other type of event that NEEDS some type of entertainment. 

Maybe a DJ to play some music?  

An MC to make sure the night rolls smoothly?

Or one of our photo booths so your event "last's longer".

We have all kinds of services to choose from...but the first thing is first.

I have to be real with you.  

The number one, most important thing you MUST have at your event.. if you are hiring a DJ/MC is A DJ/MC THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!!

I am really passionate about this because a DJ can LITERALLY make or break your entire event.

I have seen it happen!! It's a horrible thing.  

This is sort of how it works.  

Someone is looking for a DJ that will play music.  But will also announce a few things and if it's a wedding, has total control over the entire event.

Then, that same someone, has a budget (which is normal and respectable).  

Unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, the budget is too low for the quality of DJ they are looking for. 

So, they hire an unexperienced entertainment company, have a terrible experience, and wish they would have gone with the company they looked at before (who was a little above budget).

If There Was One Tip I Could Give You When Hiring Entertainment...

Do NOT cheap out.

If you leave this page and go somewhere else, that is totally fine. 

Just be open to spending a little more to ensure that your event will run smoothly.

Imagine this...

Showing up to the event with everything planned ahead of time (especially for weddings) and the entire time not having to worry about music, dancing, the photo booth, and all the other services we may have provided!!

Wouldn't that be amazing!!! 

It's funny because if you think about it, you are hiring entertainment out for a reason!  So you literally don't have to worry about those things!

But time and time again, you'll see people stressing over whether the right songs will be played at the right time...and other things the entertainment business should have taken care of prior to the event!!!!

So you are probably wondering at this point...

What Services Do You Offer?

The services we offer have been mentioned earlier... you may have noticed.

But, we'll go through each one right here, so you know exactly what to choose from!

DJ/MC Services!

If you are looking for a DJ and MC for your event, don't go anywhere!!!

Some of the things we do to make sure YOUR event runs smoothly:

1. We plan ahead of time and map out exactly how you want the event to go. (If you are having a wedding, you and I will go over names of family members that will be announced so there are no "hick-ups").

2. Your event is important to us.  We bring a back up of everything just in case we have technical issues.

3. Professional sound system & microphone is provided. As well as incredible lighting!

4. An experienced DJ/MC who stays there all night making sure your event is perfect!

Some of our other services that go along with DJ/MC'ing include:

Fog Machine (dry ice machine)

Voice Overs:
You are also able to make a song extremely special (mostly used for weddings) and voice over part of the song and say something nice to whomever your are dancing with at that time!  
NOTE: If you having a wedding and you want the ENTIRE room to be in tears (happy tears), then you want to do a voice over!  

For example, most brides do this for their fathers and it is played during the father daughter dance. :)

Photo Booth Services!

Traditional Photo Booth

What you need to know about the Traditional Photo Booth:
- 3 high-quality photo "strips".
- You have total privacy when taking your photos. It does have an enclosed booth!
- We bring tons of props for you and your guests!
- Everyone gets a printed-out strip with the 3 photos!
- The strip of photos is fully customizable to your theme!
- You and your guest have the ability to text/email your photos!
- One or two attendees will be working the booth to keep things running smoothly and under control!
- Touch screen inside the booth is also customizable to your theme!
- There is no limit on how many times you and your guests can take photos. It is rented out for the night!

Traditional Photo Booth

The Magic Mirror!

Some of the perks to The Magic Mirror include:
- Guest are AMAZED when they see it! We hear "I have never seen anything like this" all the time!
- 100% Customizable and three HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS!
- You and your guest will receive printed out 4X6 copies of your photos!
- Includes props for you and your guests!
- The start screen is fully customizable. The entire booth is customizable, we can do whatever you would like!
- Most likely TWO attendees will be working to keep everything running smoothly!
- NOT an enclosed booth! People get to see you take hilarious photos!
- Have the ability to text/email photos!
- Unlimited use, rented out for the entire night!
- It comes with a red carpet and stanchions to enhance the "red carpet" effect!
- Fully customizable animations. Sign feature is something we use every event. At the end of taking photos, you are able to "Sign The Mirror" and what you write will go at the bottom corner of your photo! :)

Add A Scrapbook To Your Photo Booth!

You are able to add a scrapbook to your photo booth rental as well.  The photo booth attendee's will print extra copies of each photo that is taken and glue it in a scrapbook for you.  Also, your guest will be able to write a nice note too!  **(Most Popular At Weddings)**

Recap Of Our Services:

Now I have to tell you something really important....

We did over 100 events in 2019 & if you do the math - there are 52 weeks in a year.  Most events are on Friday's & Saturday's. If we did over 100, that means we were booked out almost every single weekend!!

So, what does that mean?

It means you need to lock in your date because this time tomorrow, it could literally be gone!

So all you need to do is click on this button below and fill out your information and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

Sound good?

Okay great.. so go ahead... click below!


Look What Others Have Said..

Jennifer J.

Dominic from Sound Impressions was so great to work with for our wedding. He instantly made us feel comfortable with the planning process and quickly answered all of our questions. He walked us through the portal where we filled out our music selection and questionnaire to make sure we understood each section and felt comfortable filling it out. The week of the wedding he called us to make sure we were all on the same page before the big day. We went over our song selections, timeline and pronunciations of names that we wanted to introduce at the wedding. This helped us feel confident about how he would lead our big day.....The day of the wedding he was an amazing MC. He was so much fun to work with that day and helped ease our stress by keeping us on time throughout the entire event. I highly recommend Dominic from Sound Impressions as your DJ. You will not regret it!

Nate S.

highly highly recommend! Guests were dancing all night and the mirrored photo booth was a HUGE hit! We have people still talking about it!

Robyn M.

This DJ is out of this world fun! He plays super awesome music, and always gets the party going and livened up.

Tess W.

Sound Impressions was amazing! We will recommend them to everyone. They did an amazing job at listening to our vision, and suggesting ways to make the day even better. We got several remarks from our guests on how much they enjoyed the DJ as wells. Overall they went above and beyond, and we are very thankful we used their services!

Megan L.

If we could give more stars we would! Amazing job for our July 9th wedding. Super easy to work with and accommodating to all our requests! Everyone was having fun and on the dance floor. Thank you so much for making our wedding day the best day ever.

Molly S.

Dom and his team are amazing. Experienced, thoughtful, and professional.

Sam S.

Sound Impressions absolutely made our wedding what it was. Dominic and his MC did a fantastic job throughout the wedding. They even got the guests at the wedding hyped before the bridal party came in to the reception and stayed even though there were only 4 people dancing at the end. They 100% earned their five star rating as they completely went over the top to make our wedding a success, making sure we were happy and stayed on schedule as well. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make their wedding unique and fun! Thank you guys so much!!

Greg D.

Dominic and Steve-O from Sound Impressions, House DJ at Scioto Reserve C.C., absolutely made my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding reception on December 30th. The lengths they went to ensuring the proper playlist, to improvising to get people involved, to checking on the was phenomenal. If you don’t employ Dominic, you are missing the boat! The guy made the party. He started the evening with a snowball dance and people never left the dance floor the rest of the night. Do yourself a favor and employ Dominic from Sound Impressions for your next event!!!! (Let me tell you....he rocks some great AC/DC!!!). Dominic you’re the man. I wish there were more than 5-stars!

Kayleigh P.

Dom is so incredible to work with! He helped me step by step getting everything set up on their website. We had Joey Dj on our wedding day and he did such a great job! I highly recommend this company!!

Jessica D.

My husband and I were so lucky to have DJ Steve from Sound Impressions be the DJ for our wedding earlier this month! He was so fun and energetic, but not over the top like some DJ’s can be! The processes was also seamless from start to finish! Right when we booked, we were sent a link which guided us to their website with our own log in info. There, we were able to play around with not only our music choices, but solidify the timeline of the day as well! I would also like to note that they are also very quick to replying to any questions you may have along the way. I would HIGHLY recommend Sound Impressions to anyone! Steve, you nailed it! Thank you so much again!

Carly D.

I can’t rave enough about Dominic, he made our wedding. There wasn’t ever any awkward moment or period of time when people weren’t dancing. He paid attention to Drew and I and remembered that my FIL loves AC/DC and played it as his walk out especially for him without us even saying anything. Please stop your search here!!! Dominic is the best!!!

Caitlin M.

Dominic was the BEST. I was so worried about finding a great DJ for our wedding, and we could not have been happier with Dominic. Dominic and Steve helped keep everyone organized and the dance floor was a blast! We received so many compliments about how great the DJ team was and we would highly recommend working with Dominic for your event

Lindsey L.

Dominic was everything we could have asked for, he truly helped to make our wedding night sweet, romantic, and a BLAST! We loved that he took our preferences into account, and used his judgement to play a fantastic mix of fast and slow songs, music for all generations and of all genres! He is the main reason we chose to extend our reception for additional time. Our dance floor was packed the entire night, and we have received an abundance of compliments for Dominic. Brides, he also is extremely organized! From when I stepped into Scioto Reserve until our last dance, I didn't have to think of the timing of a single thing. He urged us to just enjoy our day and live in the moment as best as possible. Thank you Dominic for creating many wonderful memories for us!

John S.

The entire Sound Impressions team is very professional from the moment they show up to the time they pack. Dom is very personal and relates to the crowd very well, he and Steve are very in tune with the bride, groom, and the crowd as the evening progresses to monitor what is working uniquely for the event. The "Dancing on a Cloud" fog addition for the couples first dance is very unique and memorable! The mirror booth was busy all night and is very interactive for the attendees - this is much different than a normal photo booth and definitely was worth t he upgrade! This team delivered way above all expectations to help make my daughters wedding a memorable precious event. Thank you for doing so.

Christopher R.

We used Dominic for both our DJ and Photo Booth ... Blew us AWAY!!! Dominic worked with us so well to make sure all the songs we wanted, or didn't want, were there or not. He worked with us through some fun events we planned (Bride and Father slow dance turned into fun dance) and just knew how to read the crowd. He literally had people on the dance floor all night. Thanks to Dominic, we had to even add an hour to the venue and him because just kept on partying!!! It was amazing. As for the Photo Booth ... best idea ever!!! That may have been the hit of the wedding, besides us. The Photo Booth was literally packed the whole night! DJ Dominic is simply the BEST!!!

Jessie S.

We chose Dominic for our October wedding at Scioto Reserve and just could not have asked for a better experience! Dominic simply delivered. He took the time to ensure he understood our preferences and answered our questions. He was extremely professional and engaging during our reception and made sure the party got started when we all hit the dance floor! He is incredibly easy to work with and will work to ensure your day is on point. We would highly recommend Sound Impressions as our reception was everything we wanted it to be - fun and stress free!

Hannah S.

Sound Impressions did both our ceremony and reception and did a wonderful job! They brought the energy to the reception and were able to feel out the crowd to get people on the dance floor from the time it opened to the end of the night. We are so lucky to have had them as a part of our special day!

Haylee S.

Sounds impressions did everything possible to make my day amazing, Dominic was there to make sure the night ran smoothly and was enjoyable, I would definitely recommend if you want the best dj around Ohio!

Nichole L.

Dominic from Sound Impressions is amazing and so easy to work with. We had a few songs we wanted but we pretty much gave him free reign as our DJ and he did a phenomenal job! He even got my grandmother out on the dance floor! We received so many compliments on our DJ and people admitted they stayed longer than they normally would have because he did such an amazing job! We rented the photo booth and that was a huge hit as well! I will recommend Dom to everyone I know looking for a DJ and/or photo booth!

Some Questions We Get Asked...

How Long Have You Been In Business?
Sound Impressions has been in business since 1997.
What Forms Of Payment Do You Take?
Whichever payment you feel most comfortable with sending us!  Usually we take check, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Cash.
What Happens If I'm Not Satisfied With Your Services?  
If you are actually unsatisfied with our services (no one has been yet) then we will make sure your money is refunded.
Are You Going To Spam My Email?
No. No. No!
For Weddings, What's The Process Look Like?
I could be here all day talking to you about the process that goes into a wedding.  It save us both time if you filled out a form and I could call you! :)
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